Our Office


Our office is strategically located at:

Riverside Business Centre, Unit F24, Haldane Place, London-UK, SW18 4UQ


Opening Times

Monday to Friday: From 6am to 7pm

Saturdays: From 9am to 12:30pm

Emergency 24 hours telephone available to clients, schools and parents: 07944154945


Our IT equipment

  • 1 Remote Dell Server that serves as web server and remote back-up
  • 4 Dell terminals connected in a network
  • 2 Printers
  • 1 Photocopy machine
  • 8 security cameras continues recording accessible on-line
  • 6 blackberry telephones
  • Up-to-date business related software that allows to work smoothly
  • High internet speed


6 Lines to Contact Us

We know by experience how important is this point, sometimes many people try to contact us for many reasons, the worst that a desperate perents can happen is that when they need to contact us our lines are busy. To tackle this issue we have incorporated 6 lines in one number.